Grants for Young Researchers

Selection criteria for the 10 AIDA’s  Grants for Young Researchers

 During the General Assembly of AIDA, held in Bucharest, in May 2015, it was decided that 10 Grants for Young Researchers will be disbursed, as usual, each amounting to €200, for covering some of the expenses of attending AIDA 12, which will be held at Aix Marseille University (France), in May 30-31 – June 1-2. 2017.

The candidates can only apply for a grant after receiving the acceptance notification for their abstracts from the Organizing Committee of AIDA 12, Aix Marseille University (during December 2016).

The applicants will be selected taking into consideration the following:

  1. Age: maximum 35 years old, priority being given to the youngest.
  2. The applicant should be enrolled in a Master or PhD program with a project in Arabic Dialectology or should have obtained  a PhD in Arabic Dialectology.
  3. Their respective country of residence average income per capita, priority being given to the lowest.
  4. The priority is given to any applicant who hasn’t received a grant before.  If the number of the applicants of this category is less than the number of the grants, the Executive Committee can take into consideration also the applicants who have received one before, with the condition that they published the paper presented in the AIDA’s conference in its respective Proceedings or in a peer reviewed journal.
  5. The financing request will be addressed to the General Secretary of AIDA, Assistent Prof. Liesbeth Zack

                                        The Executive Committee of AIDA